A New Urbanist Illustrative Plan for Pacifica, California


Illustrative Plan for Pacifica, California (illustration by author, based on concept created by architect Martin Dreiling)

An Experiment in ArcGIS and AutoCAD

This particular plan was prepared to illustrate a re-use of the former Rockaway Point gravel quarry site. The current site is undeveloped and the subject of various unsuccessful land entitlement processes. The image below is from a contemporary real estate listing of the property, note that the existing quarry escarpment would be re-purposed as a performance amphitheater in the illustrative plan.

Rockaway Point Quarry Site

Rockaway Point Quarry Site (aerial image of current conditions)


This illustrative plan was prepared using ArcGIS (to extract the parcel-level shapefiles), AutoCAD (to construct the new vector data and color overlays), and exported as an Adobe PDF (portable document format) file. This was a test used to create a set of office standards for a new color palette to depict various mixed-use land and building form colors. This new palette would be distinct from the American Planning Association color palette for the organization’s Land-Based Classification Standards.




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