Bus Rapid Transit – retrofitting an existing urban corridor


Bus Rapid Transit Corridor (image credit, Nantes Busway – IngolfBLN)

Proof of concept images

The following images were prepared by the author as a member of a multi-agency team investigating the expansion of a Gateway Corridor that lead through three municipalities and a portion of a partially developed county. The team was charged with planning for the widening of the road to accommodate transit and pedestrian alternatives. One final work product developed out of this effort was the State Street Corridor: Transit Oriented Development Policy Guidelines.

The team’s primary concern regarding Bus Rapid Transit options was the accommodation of turning movements at intersections, these illustrations were prepared to explain how a central BRT dedicated pathway would work at various intersections and road sections along the corridor.

Boulevard graphic 1

BRT Route Intersection at Primary Arterial (illustration by author)

Boulevard graphic 2

BRT Route Intersection at Local Street – no pedestrian crossing (illustration by author)

Boulevard graphic 3

BRT Route Intersection at Local Street – with pedestrian crossing (illustration by author)

Boulevard graphic 4

BRT Route Intersection at Local Street – showing bus pullouts (illustration by author)

Boulevard graphic 6

BRT Route Intersection at Minor Arterial/Collector (illustration by author)

Road sections at various urban settings

The following are section illustrations of the BRT corridor a two distinct urban settings that would be encountered along the Gateway Corridor.

Boulevard graphic - section 1

Road Section along typical BRT Route depicting various enfrontages (illustration by author)

Boulevard graphic - section 2

Road Section along the BRT Route at a Transit Oriented Development’s split-boulevard (illustration by author)


These illustrations were prepared using AutoCAD (to build the vector graphics and export high resolution tiffs), illustrated in Adobe Photoshop, and exported as PDF files.


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