Inked sketches of people

The following are some freehand inked sketches of people

These inked sketches were prepared as a palette of human figures drawn at various scales that could be inserted into other rendered images.

bike delivery dude

Bike delivery dude (illustration by author)


cocky dude

Cocky dude (illustration by author)

dude eating

Dude eating (illustration by author)

dude on bike

Dude on bike (illustration by author)

dude with a bag

Dude carrying bag (illustration by author)

dude with backpack

Dude with backpack (illustration by author)

gal and dude

Gal and dude (illustration by author)

gal on bench

Gal on bench (illustration by author)

gal on bike

Gal on bike (illustration by author)

gal with backpack

Gal with backpack (illustration by author)

old dude and young dude

Old dude and young dude (illustration by author)

strutting gal

Strutting gal (illustration by author)

three dudes

Three dudes (illustration by author)

two dudes and two gals

Two dudes and two gals (illustration by author)


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